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The International Betta Community for Hobbyists by Hobbyists

The Bettas4all Forum ( was started in September 2004 in order to bring Betta hobbyists together from all over the world to share knowledge and experience with respect to the keeping, breeding and showing of (show) bettas. In 2013 the Bettas4all community was expanded with the Bettas4all Facebook Group which now has >16000 members from all over the world. Please click the banner or link above to join us.

The Bettas4all Community is well-known because of the following characteristics:

  • Professionality: The Bettas4all forum is managed by an international team of dedicated and experienced hobbyists, the Bettas4all Advisors.

  • Respect: The Bettas4all forum has a friendly atmosphere where members respect each others opinion.

  • Informative: The Bettas4all forum provides you will all the information you need with respect to keeping and breeding Betta splendens. Besides special sections on topics such as breeding, food and genetics the Bettas4all forum has a big collection of (scientific) articles available which are written by some well-known icons in the betta world.

  • Speed: Posting on the Bettas4all forum usually results in a quick response by the Bettas4all Advisors or the other members of our forum.


In the past years the Bettas4all forum has been very active to promote the beautiful Betta hobby in the Netherlands by organizing several events which can be viewed by clicking "Bettas4all events" in the menu above.

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