Bettas4all @ Vivarium 2011    

With a surface area of ~12000m2 and more than 8800 visitors, the Vivarium fair is the place to be for aquarium, paludarium, terrarium and pond hobbyists. We were proud to present two prototypes of the new Bettas4all Show Units designed and constructed by Gerrit Wisseborn. At our stand we showed ~100 self-bred show bettas of different color and finnage varieties to the public. We were happy to see that so many people visited our stand including several Dutch members of our forum. We also were very happy to welcome some good betta friends from Germany who made the trip to Holland to visit the Vivarium fair and our stand. It was great to see so many people interested in our beautiful hobby and many fish went to new owners.

The Bettas4all Stand just before the opening of Vivarium 2011
The Bettas4all Stand during Vivarium 2011
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