Bettas4all Events


In the past years the Bettas4all forum has been very active to promote the beautiful Betta hobby in the Netherlands by organizing several events. Below you can find the promotional posters of all the events we have hosted so far.

In order to view a detailed report of these events, please click on the posters below. 

We hope to welcome you at one of our future Bettas4all events.

        Bettas4all @ Vivarium 2014
    Holland Betta Show 2014
  Bettas4all @ Aqua Terra Event 2014
    Holland Betta Show 2013
  Holland Betta Show 2012
    Bettas4all @ Vivarium 2012
  Holland Betta Show 2011

Bettas4all @ Vivariumbeurs 2011

  Holland Betta Show 2010    
    Bettas4all @ Holland Koi Show 2009
  Bettas4all Show 2006

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