In this section I will try to give you more information about breeding Show Bettas. It is important to keep in mind that the way described here is the way that works best for me and my Bettas. There are many ways to succesfully breed these beautifull fish, during the years each breeder will find/develop the way which suits him and his fish best.

This article was published in Flare (Journal of the IBC) - July/August 2007, Volume 41, No. 1.

Before going deeper into the breeding section, I would like you to consider the following important notes in order to make sure that when you decide to start breeding your bettas you are able to give them the best care as possible:

  • One single spawn can produce up to 300 fry!

  • Around 2 months of age the young males have to be separated and jarred individually to prevent fighting and improve their growth. So make sure you have enough room for this!

  • Off course all your youngsters need to be fed with the best (live) foods available.

  • Taking care and raising the offspring will demand a lot of patience and time before they will reach maturity(feeding, changing water, cleaning, etc).

  • Make sure that you financially are capable of supporting this hobby.


How To Spawn Show Bettas!


Betta Fry Development: From Day 1 to Show size!

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Breeding Show Bettas can give you great joy and pride when you see your fish grow from small fry into nice colored full-grown fish.


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