Breeding - Culturing microworms  

Microworms are nematodes from the Panagrellus species. Because microworms are slightly smaller than newly hatched baby brine shrimp they are very suitable to be fed to our fry in the first week after entering the free-swimming stage. Microworms are not as nutritious as BBS/artemia but if your fry are too small to eat BBS/artemia they form a great alternative.
Microworms are relatively easy to culture. You will need the following things to succesfully setup a culture:

  • A starter culture of microworms

  • Breakfast cereal

  • Milk

  • Bread yeast

First you make a mixture of the breakfast cereal and bread yeast. By adding some milk you make a moist mixture. After adding a bit of the starterculture and thouroughly mixing, you can put the mixture in a small container. Make sure to cover your container and within a few days you will see the microworms starting to crawls against the walls of the container.

Mixing the cereal with the yeast
Adding starterculture of microworms
Artemia/BBS ready to be harvested
Microworms ready to be harvested and fed

The microworms can be easily harvested by using a cottonwool stick. I usually start a new culture every 3-4 weeks by making a new mixture of breakfast cereal, yeast and milk and using part of the old culture to start up.


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