In the graphs below you can see the statistics of the spawns which were made in my Betta Territory since 2003. By now 335 spawns were raised in my Betta Territory with an average of 17+5 spawns per year over the period 2003-2022. The left panel below shows the number of spawns per year with the red number indicating the running year. The right panel indicates the average spawns + Stdev per year.

All Betta Territory spawns are given a spawning-code in order to keep track of my lines and to make it easier to check the background of the fish bred by the Betta Territory. The spawning code is composed out of:

(I) BT (Betta Territory).
(II) The spawning-date (day/month/year).

By clicking the menu below you can have a look at the logged spawns per year. By clicking on the spawning code a detailed spawning report illustrated with pictures will be shown.


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