Royal blue HMPK
(Mongkhol Promma - TH)
Turquoise HMPK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Royal blue HMPK
(Sukanya Betta Blue, TH)

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Royal blue HMPK
(Sukanya Betta Blue, TH)
Royal Blue HMPK
F1, BT211022
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Royal blue HMPK
(Juan-Luis Vaquero, Spain)



The Sire is an Royal Blue HMPK with a strong body, balanced finnage and a pretty good masking. The caudal has a good D-shape with long outer rays and sharp corners. Ideally the base of the dorsal could be a bit broader. The dame is a full mask royal blue HMPK which was bred by my friend Juan-Luis Vaquero (Nimbettas) from Spain. She has a nice torpedo-shaped body with balanced finnage. Her siblings did a great job at the shows at 2023 with a brother and sister becoming reserve best of show male and female, respectively at the Holland Betta Show 2023.
With this outcross I hope to fix the strong bodies, the smooth topline, broad dorsal and the balanced finnage.
The offspring (F1) will be non-metallic turquoise, steel blue and royal blue with a chance of black lace, red wash and marble to pop up.


02/11/23: The pair spawned.
03/11/23: The fry hatched.
05/11/23: The fry entered the free-swimming stage and the Sire was removed.
15/12/23: The fry are developing nicely and as expected there are turquoise, steel blue and royal blue fry in the spawn.



29/12/23: 8 week old fry!


14/01/24: 10 week old fry!

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