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Opaque white HM
(Jolanda Wisseborn, NL)


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Opaque white HM
(Jolanda Wisseborn, NL)

Royal blue HM PK
(Matthias Polzin, Germany)
Mustard gas HM PK

(Hristo Atanasov, Austria)
Opaque white HM PK
(Jolanda Wisseborn, The Netherlands)
Dame: Metallic steel blue HM PK
(Sven Lorenscheit, Germany)

The Sire is a balanced opaque HM PK with a strong body and balanced finnage bred by Jolanda Wisseborn from the Netherlands. He shows a nice broad dorsal, a parallel anal fin and a D-shaped caudal fin. His color is really white in appearance suggesting this fish is a steel blue based opaque (C bl Si Nr Op). The Dame is metallic steel blue HM PK with a thick iridescent layer that covers almost the entire body. She is bred by Sven Lorenscheit from Germany. The Dame has a nice bodyshape with a smooth topline and balanced finnage. My own line has some influence in the background of both lines.
With this outcross I hope to fix the strong bodies, broad dorsals and quality finnage in my iridescent HM PK line.
The offspring (F1) will most likely be (metallic) steel blue HM PKs which a chance of red wash. There is a chance of DT HM PKs popping up.


06/03/11: The pair spawned!
07/03/11: The fry has hatched!
09/03/11: Fry in the free-swimming stage. The Sire was removed. The fry is already feeding on newly hatched BBS.


20/03/11: The fry is now 2 weeks old and developing nicely. I have spotted several DTs.


03/04/11: The fry is now 4 weeks old and developing nicely on BBS:


11/04/11: The fry is now 5 weeks old. Looks like a spawn with all steel blue-based fry.


08/05/11: The fry is now 9 weeks old and moved to a bigger grow-out. Some fish have started to marble.


21/05/11: The fry is 11 weeks old and I have distributed them over 2 grow-outs to stimulate an optimal grow-out.


29/05/11: Update of the fry now 12 weeks old:


05/06/11: 13 weeks old now and I have jarred the first five males. Here some pictures of four of them:


12/07/11: 18 weeks old



30/07/11: 21 weeks old.



15/08/11: Made some pictures of some HMPK females, now 23 weeks old:


26/08/11: Six fish of this spawn (3 HMPK and 3 DTPK) were send to the Holland Betta Show 2011, the Netherlands. Four of them won a prize in their showclass:
1st Special class - Form & Variation
2nd Special class - Form & Variation
2nd Halfmoon plakat male class - Unicolor (Iridescent)
4th Halfmoon plakat male class - Unicolor (Iridescent)

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