Black/Blue Start HMPK
(โกส นายหัว, Thailand)
Black/Blue Start HMPK
(โกส นายหัว, Thailand)
Black/Blue Star HMPK

(โกส นายหัว, Thailand)
Dame: Black/Blue Star HMPK

(Anpung Betta, Thailand)



The Sire is black based HMPK with iridescent patches on the body and finnage (commercial name Black/Blue Star). Although he does not show many iridescent patches on the body, his parents did show this pattern very well. He has a strong body, a smooth D-shaped caudal, a dorsal which is nicely directed forward and a nice overall balance. The dame Black/Blue Star HMPK with a nice distribution of the iridescent patches on the body. She has a nice bodytype, a smooth mouth-to-dorsal topline, a nice D-shaped caudal, good full doral an parallel anal fin.
With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, the smooth topline and the balanced finnage.
The color of the offspring (F1) will be a surprise as I am not sure what the iridescent base color is of both parents. The fry will likely start as solid colored iridescent with a chance of the black/blue star pattern and other marble variations to pop up when they mature.

Below an impression of the pair:


07/11/20: The pair spawned.
08/11/20: The fry hatched.
09/11/20: Removed the Sire, the fry have entered the free-swimming stage. 
12/12/20: The fry all show a solid metallic blue/green color. They are now 5 weeks old.


18/12/20: The majority of the fry were moved to a bigger grow-out.
28/12/20: 7 weeks old! The colors are absolutely amazing! They seem to have two types of blue on the body (something which is sometimes referred to as 'avatar').



09/01/21: The fry are now 9 week old and have started to change color! Two weeks ago all fry were metallic blue and now several fish have started to marble. Some fry have only lost the iridescent layer and others also have lost the underlying black layer.



17/01/21: 10 weeks old!


28/03/21: At 20 weeks of age some nice colors are popping up in this spawn!


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