Candy/Nemo Koi HMPK

(Titipark Rittirong, Thailand)
Darkbody red HMPK

(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Candy/Nemo koi HMPK

F1, BT010618
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Darkbody red HMPK
F1, BT010618
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)



The Sire is a strong-bodied HMPK with a very interesting colorpattern and contrast.  The dorsal nice shape and volume with the front rays nicely directed forward. The anal fin has a good length and form and the ventrals have a good shape and length. The caudal has a good size but the corners are too rounded (ideally the outer rays should be longer). The Dame is full-sibling to the male. She is a darkbodied red with some traces of iridescence. She has a nice long body but ideally the mouth-to-dorsal topline could be smoother. Her finnage uis nicely balanced althouth the corners of the caudal fin ideally could be a bit sharper.
With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, the smooth topline and the balanced finnage.
The offspring (F2) likely will be HMPK in a wide variety of colors. I hope to see some candy/nemo koi patterns back.


10/01/19: The pair spawned.
11/01/19: The fry hatched. Looks like a nice amount of fry!
13/01/19: The Sire is taking excellent care of the fry in the nest.


06/03/19: The fry are now 8 weeks and have been moved to a bigger grow-out tank in order to stimulate their development.


17/03/19: The fry are developing nicely and there is a very nice colorvariety within the spawn! It is very interesting to see some orange based fish popping up. This might be the result of the outcross to the darkbody red female of my own line as this line is known to be carrying orange. The biggest fry already is showing some colorchange.



20/04/19: The fry are 14 weeks old.

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