Copper/Red Fancy HMPK

(Breeder unkown, Thailand)
Dame: 'Pink' HMPK

(ThivaPKBetta , Thailand)



The Sire is a copper/red HMPK from Thailand with a large D-shaped caudal and nice overall balance. The Dame is a 'pink' HMPK with good bodyshape and overall balance (genetically cambodian non-metallic royal blue/red). Her caudal has a very good D-shape with a broad-based dorsal, balanced anal and ventrals with nice single tips.

With this cross I hope to get fish with strong bodies, smooth toplines and the balanced finnage.
The offspring (F1) most likely will be HMPK. Their color likely will be darkbody heterozygous metallic steel blue or royal blue based with a varying distribution of the iridescent layer and underlying red color. There is a good chance of marbles to pop up.


10/06/23: The pair spawned.
11/06/23: The fry hatched. The father is taking care very well of the fry in the bubblenest.
13/06/23: The fry entered the free-swimming stage and the Sire was removed.
13/07/23: The fry are now 4.5-week old. The fry are all darkbody heterozygous metallic steel and royal blue based although there is a lot of variation in the spread of the iridescence on the body and the amount of red.



02/09/23: The fry are now 12-weels old. Curious to see how their color will develop further the coming weeks. 

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