Sire: Blue/yellow HMPK

(Breeder unknown)
Dame: Marble HMPK

(Breeder unknown)



This spawn is a bit of an experiment. Both the Sire and Dame were purchased from my local aquarium store and caught my interest because of their size. The Sire is a very large blue/yellow HMPK with a bodysize of about 5.5 cm with a promising form. The Dame is koi/marble HMPK with a bodysize of about 4.5 cm.  
With this cross I would like to see whether the fry will turn out bigger than any of my other spawns with regular sized parents (4-4.5 cm). As nothing is known about the background of these fish the outcome will be a surprise.


11/01/19: The pair spawned.
12/01/19: The fry hatched. Looks like a nice amount of fry!
17/01/19: The Sire is taking excellent care of the fry in the nest.


06/03/19: The fry are now 8 weeks and have been moved to a bigger grow-out tank in order to stimulate their development.


20/04/19: The fry are 14 weeks old. Although all fry started out as iridescent colored fish, most of them have now lost their colors. Some start to show koi marble patterns.


13/08/19: Impression of the females of this spawn at 31 weeks of age. Some stunning koi patterns in this spawn!

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