Sire: Blue/yellow HMPK

(Breeder unknown)
Dame: Marble HMPK

(Breeder unknown)



This spawn is a bit of an experiment. Both the Sire and Dame were purchased from my local aquarium store and caught my interest because of their size. The Sire is a very large blue/yellow HMPK with a bodysize of about 5.5 cm with a promising form. The Dame is koi/marble HMPK with a bodysize of about 4.5 cm.  
With this cross I would like to see whether the fry will turn out bigger than any of my other spawns with regular sized parents (4-4.5 cm). As nothing is known about the background of these fish the outcome will be a surprise.


11/01/19: The pair spawned.
12/01/19: The fry hatched. Looks like a nice amount of fry!
17/01/19: The Sire is taking excellent care of the fry in the nest.


06/03/19: The fry are now 8 weeks and have been moved to a bigger grow-out tank in order to stimulate their development.

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