(Betta Territory, NL)

(Matthias Polzin, Germany)
Sire: Metallic steel blue CT PK

(Marcus Bache, Germany)
Dame: Red HM PK
F1, BT051010
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is a heterozygous metallic steel blue CTPK and was a gift of Markus Bache from Germany. The Sire has a very strong body and balanced appearance. The reduction in webbing still needs to be improved but already shows a great potential. Interesting to know is the fact that the background of the male shows some relationship to my iridescent HMPK line. The Dame is a red HM PK with  nice broad dorsal from my 100th spawn.
This cross was made to further experiment with CTPKs. I choose a female of my own HMPK line to induce strong body and a broad dorsal. Her finnage shows moderate branching with some slight combtail features.
The offspring (F1) will  most likely will be (metallic) blue/red bicolors. They will be shortfinned with a varying reduction in webbing in the unpaired fins.

The Dame is also mother of: BT200311


11/07/11: The pair spawned!
12/07/11: The fry hatched.
14/07/11: The fry entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the male.
15/07/11: The fry is feeding well on BBS.
30/07/11: The fry is now 3 weeks old. It appears that there are both light- and darkbodied fries. This means that the male also must carry the cambodian trait.


15/08/11: The fry is now 5 weeks old.


05/09/11: The fry is now 8 weeks old.


13/09/11: Made some pictures of the 9 week old fry:



09/10/11: Update on the fry now 13 weeks old:


25/10/11: Made some pictures of 4 jarred fish of this spawn now 15 weeks old:


03/12/11: Two darkbodied red females now 21 weeks old:


02/03/12: Two females now 34 weeks old:

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