(Betta Territory, NL)
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Red HM DT

(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Dame: Red HM PK
F3, BT030408
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is an impressive red HM DT from one of the best breeders of the world. The Dame is an F3 from my own red HM PK line which I started with HM x trad. PK in may 2007. With this cross I hope to improve the dorsal in the future generations of my red PK line. 
The offspring (F1) will most probably all be longfinned with a chance of HMs popping up. The chance that PKs will pop up are very small as it is very unlikely that the male carries PK genes. All offspring will be carrying both the PK as the DT gene.


17/10/08: Pair spawned.
18/10/08: Fry hatched!
20/10/08: Fry of the first batch in free-swimming stage. Removed the sire.


29/10/08: The fry is feeding well on artemia/BBS and there are lots of them!!!


04/11/08: The fry is now 3,5 weeks old:


21/11/08: The fry is now 5 weeks old and starting to show some red color in the finnage. The dorsals already look very broad! Today the fry was transferred to a bigger grow-out.


14/12/08: The fry is now 8 weeks old. As expected all offspring are longfinned but showing very nice broad dorsals. Although the goal of this spawn only to select a few broad-dorsaled females to cross back to my red HM PK line, I have also jarred a few young males, here an example:


17/01/09: Made a picture of a young female of this spawn now 13 weeks old. I really like their broad dorsals!!


23/04/09: Update on two females now 5 months old:

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