Black (lace) HMPK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Black (lace) HMPK
(Betta Territory, NL)

Darkbody red HMPK

(Bettina Sperl, Germany)
Black HMPK
(Bettina Sperl, Germany)
Sire: Black (lace)
F1, BT030117B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Darkbody red HMPK

(Bettina Sperl, Germany)



The Sire is a steel blue-based black lace HMPK. He has a nice big-sized caudal with a pretty good overall form. The Dame a strongbodied darkbody red HMPK female with a smooth topline. The Dame has an intersting background as her father was the result of a cross between a superblack HMPK male from Bettina Sperl with cambodian-based red female from my line. This male was crossed back to the superblack female resulting in the Dame.
With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, smooth topline and balanced finnage.
The offspring (F1) likely will be darkbody black (lace) HMPK with a varying degree of red wash and chance of marble and doubletails to pop up.

The Sire is also Father of BT051217.


18/09/17: The pair spawned.
19/09/17: The fry hatched.
21/09/17: The fry entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the male.
23/09/17: The fry is feeding well on vinegar eels and BBS.
17/12/17: There are about 15-20 fry developing nicely on BBS.


13/01/18: My favorite of the jarred males at 17 weeks of age.


25/05/18: Potential breeding pair, 36 weeks old.

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