Black/yellow bicolor VT

(Breeder unknown)
Black orange dalmatian VT

(Breeder unknown)

The Sire is a black/yellow bicolor VT male which I found in a local petshop. I immediately fell in love with his great form and the intense yellow color in the finnage. He shows a shape and a nice primary branching in te caudal. The Dame is a black orange dalmatian VT female which kind gift of my friend Tomas Chuda who found her in a local pet shop in the Czech Republic. Her shape is very promising and also shows a great primary branching in the caudal fin. The dalmatian spots are a very interesting feature!
I am very excited about this cross as it is the first time that I work with VTs. I have loved their appearance already for a long time and I hope this spawn might be the start of a quality line of VTs. With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, smooth topline and the finnage.
The offspring (F1) likely will be darkbody (with maybe some iridescence) with either red, orange or yellow finnage with a chance of dalmatian spots to appear.


19/04/15: Sire is a great bubblenester, he made huge nest. The pair spawned today and there are lots of eggs in the nest. Sire is taking good care!


The spawning process was very gentle and both fish are almost unharmed.


20/04/15: The fry hatched! The spawn is huge, defenitely 100+!!


27/04/15: The fry is now 1 week old and feeding well on vinegar eels and newly hatched BBS.


16/06/15: The fry is now 8 weeks old. There are both darkbodied reds and yellows.


28/06/15: 10 weeks old. It is interesting to see that some of the males are developing red dalmatian spots.


28/06/15: 12 weeks old. Jarred the first males.


03/08/15: 16 weeks old.


23/08/15: 18 weeks old.


10/10/15: Three males of this spawn were send to the Croatian Betta Show 2015. Two males won a prize:
2nd Veiltail Multicolor Male
- 3rd Veiltail Multicolor Male


22/10/15: Two males of this spawn were send to the Italian Betta Show 2015. One male won a prize:
3rd M6 Veiltail male class - All Colors


31/10/15: Two males and two females, now 28 weeks old.


26/12/15: I absolutely love this pair, now 35 weeks old.

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