'Pink' HMPK

(ThivaPKBetta , Thailand)
Dame: 'Pink' HMPK

(ThivaPKBetta , Thailand)



The Sire and Dame are both 'pink' HMPK with good bodyshape and overall balance. Their caudals have a nice D-shape. Based on their broad-based dorsals they are likely DT-carriers. The anals are nicely trapezoid-shaped. The ventrals have nice single tips.

With this cross I hope to learn more about the genetics behind this color. Further I hope for strong bodies, the smooth topline and the balanced finnage.
The offspring (F1) most likely will be HMPK with a chance of DTPKs popping up. Their color likely will be cambodian-based (metallic) blue/reds although there likely will be a variation in the distribution of the red color.


20/05/23: The pair spawned.
22/05/23: The fry hatched. The father is taking care very well of the fry in the bubblenest.


24/05/23: The fry entered the free-swimming stage and the Sire was removed.
04/06/23: The fry are now 2-weeks old and feeding well on BBS. As expected I spotted several DTs among the fry.



13/07/23: The fry are almost 8-weeks old. As there are steel blue, turquoise and royal blue based fry this means the parents must have been royal blue based. Within the spawn is some variaty in the spreading of the iridescent layer on the body and the degree of underlying red.



01/09/23: The fry are now 16-weeks old and are developing nicely with very interesting colors! I now designate this spawn as my 'Barbie' Bettas!



11/11/23: Two fish of this spawn participated in the Bettas4all Mini-Show @ Vivarium 2023 and became 1st placed in their class. The female even became Reserve Best of Show Female.

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