(Aquastar71, Thailand)

Red PK
(Aquastar71, Thailand)

(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Red HM PK
(Aquastar71, Thailand)
Red SD
F1, BT171008B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is an intense colored red HM PK with a nice full body, strong peduncle, D-shaped caudal and a nicely parallel anal fin. The Sire is slightly spoonheaded. The Dame is a red SD carrying PK genes. The mother of the Dame is a full sibling to the Sire of this spawn. With this cross I hope to improve the width of the dorsal in my red PK line.  
he offspring (F1) will be cambodian based reds which can be both long- as shortfinned with a chance of HMs popping up.


25/06/09: The pair spawned immediately after releasing the female.


26/04/09: The pair spawned again! The first eggs hatched in the evening.
28/06/09: Fry of the first spawn in the free-swimming stage.
29/06/09: Fry of the second spawn in the free-swimming stage. The Sire was removed.
30/06/09: The fry is feeding well on BBS.
15/08/09: The fry is now 7,5 weeks old and is transferred to a bigger grow-out tank. I am curious whether any PKs will pop-up in the coming weeks.


06/09/09: The fry is developing really nice and so far there is a very promising shortfinned young male showing himself in the grow-out. As he is clearly the most dominant fish and almost 1.5 the size of the rest I think he will be jarred next week:


06/10/09: Here an update od the fry now 15 weeks old:


27/10/09: The left picture shows a potential breeder male with a strong body and promising finnage! The left picture shows shows a female?? from the grow-out tank, with a nice broad dorsal. If she really is a "she" she will defenitely make it to breeder female.The youngsters are now 17 weeks old.


03/12/09: The youngsters are now 23 weeks old. The male on the left picture of my previous post has made an awsome development and I think this fish defenitely is among the best fish I have bred so far. I already succesfully spawned him to a half-sister, please have a look here: BT051109.

Here a brother and sister of the fish who are developing a bit slower. Both show very promising dorsals!

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