Blue marble HM PK
(Jolanda Schär, Switzerland)
(Metallic) blue HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)

(Metallic) blue HM PK

(Betta Territory, NL)

(Arie de Koning, NL)
Sire: Royal blue HM PK
F1, BT310812
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Metallic (royal?) blue HM PK
(Patrick Hans, Germany)

The Sire is a strong-bodied royal blue HMPK with a nice mouth-to-dorsal topline. The front rays of the dorsal fin are nicely long and directed forward. Good D-shaped caudal fin with pretty sharp corners. The Dame is a balanced HMPK with a smooth mouth-to-dorsal topline, broad-based dorsal fin, D-shaped caudal and a nicely parallel anal fin. I suspect she is a metallic royal blue based. The Dame was bred by my friend Patrick Hans from Germany and her background is going fully back on my line. Interestingly this pair is nephew and neice, as the father of the Dame is a full sibling to the mother of the Sire.
With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, smooth topline, balanced finnage. The offspring (F1) will be (metallic) iridescent HMPKs with a chance of marbles popping up. 

The Dame is also Mother of: BT040413. 


27/03/13: The pair spawned.
28/03/13: The fry hatched. The sire is taking an excellent job! Looks like there are >50 fry.
29/03/13: The fry entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the male.
30/03/13: The fry is feeding well on vinegar eels and BBS.
28/04/13: The fry is now 5 weeks old and feeding well on BBS and tubifex.


14/06/13: The fry is 11 weeks old and developing nicely. Culled a few rosetails.


22/06/13: First male starting to show his muscles in the grow-out at 12 weeks.


13/09/13: Two males now 24 weeks old:

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