Blue marble HM PK
(Jolanda Schšr, Switzerland)
(Metallic) blue HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Black copper HM PK

(Breeder unknown)

Metallic steel blue HM PK
(Roberto Silverii, Italy)

Sire: Royal blue HM PK
F1, BT310812
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Metallic steel blue marble HM PK
(Serkan GŁndogdu, Germany)

The Sire is a strong-bodied royal blue HMPK with a nice mouth-to-dorsal topline. The front rays of the dorsal fin are nicely long and directed forward. Good D-shaped caudal fin with pretty sharp corners. The Dame was bred by my friend Serkan GŁndogdu from Germany. She is a balanced HMPK with a smooth mouth-to-dorsal topline, nice shaped dorsal fin (ideally could be a bit broader), D-shaped caudal and a nicely parallel anal fin.  With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, smooth topline, balanced finnage. The offspring (F1) will be (metallic) iridescent HMPKs with a chance of marbles popping up.   


27/04/13: The pair spawned.
28/04/13: The fry hatched. Small spawn.
30/04/13: The fry entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the male.
03/05/13: The fry is feeding well on vinegar eels and BBS.
15/06/13: The fry is now 7 weeks old and feeding well on BBS and tubifex.

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